Looking good and feel good with Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky’s Co-founder and Creative Director was always passionate about fashion and design, even creating one of a kind clothing and accessories as a young girl.  But it was in 1977 when Gale Epstein crafted a handmade lingerie set from antique embroidered handkerchiefs for her good friend, Lida Orzeck, that set the wheels in motion for a new brand that would change the way women shop for lingerie.   41 years later, Hanky Panky continues to challenge the status quo and influence trends with premium, made in the USA lingerie and sleepwear.

In addition to her creative vision and fervor for design, Epstein, together with Co-founder and CEO, Orzeck are passionate environmentalists.   From the top down, Hanky Panky takes great pains to instill a sense of responsibility in the way it approaches its day-to-day business.  From the workplace to product to sourcing, the company is determined to be as ethical and environmentally responsible as they can.

Not willing to sacrifice on style or comfort, Hanky Panky’s design team is exhaustive in its efforts to source premium fabrics that look and feel luxurious, and are produced with low environmental impact.  Larrisa King, the brand’s senior designer, has been with the company for 15 years and has seen the growing interest in sustainable fashion and transparency from consumers.  “It all boils down to education,” says King, “today’s consumers are mindful of the environmental challenges we are facing and expect companies and brands to be responsible in their approach to manufacturing. “  Which is why King looks to Lenzing’s TENCEL™ fibers for many of their styles.


TENCEL™ Intimate cellulosic fibers offer Hanky Panky a sustainable option that is not only ethically sourced from wood, but also enhances the end product with its premium properties.  “Your lingerie should be an extension of your body, so it’s very important that the fabrics we use have a soft, luxurious feel against your skin and TENCEL™ branded modal fibers gives our products those qualities,” adds King. 

From reducing its carbon footprint to educating consumers on caring for their products to extend life to its partnership with TENCEL™, Hank Panky strives to do better and do more to bring sustainability and transparency to the forefront of fashion.

Look good and feel good with Hanky Panky’s extensive offerings featuring TENCEL™ Modal fibers, shop the full collection at www.hankypanky.com