Lenzing goes back to school with EASE

Lenzing headed back to school with EASE, an Indonesian fashion brand that utilises LENZING™ Viscose and TENCEL™ branded fibers in all designs, and the Binus Northumbria School of Design in Jakarta. The collaboration was part of a wider celebration of South Pacific Viscose’s 35 Anniversary in Indonesia, and recognition of not only the great history, but the importance of building upon the momentum of the sustainable fibre and fashion industry.

As a long-term advocate for sustainability within the fashion industry, Lenzing has been encouraging brands and designers to utilise sustainable fibers in their designs, which aligned with their partner, EASE’s company direction. Launched in 2017, EASE is a champion of stylish, ready-to-wear clothing that are kind to the environment. EASE is a pioneer of sustainable design, and is the first local brand in Indonesia to adopt sustainable TENCEL™ branded fibers in their entire collection. By going back to school and working with fashion students, Lenzing and EASE have opened the door to future designers inspired by sustainability.

Attended by Lenzing Group representative Hardian Wijayanto, the session began with an introduction to the fascinating history of the group, and the very real differences between TENCEL™ branded fibers, and other synthetic products that are harmful to the environment due to their manufacturing process. Speaking after his session with the students, Wijayanto stressed the importance of the initiative with EASE, indicating that “Lenzing Goes to School” has been a powerful tool for both partners on engagement around enabling the future of the fashion industry, and introducing them to sustainable fabrics and leading designers.

Following the workshop where students were introduced to both EASE and Lenzing, they expressed their interest in sustainable fashion, noting that they now feel more informed and are interested in creating an eco-fashion collection using TENCEL™ branded fibers. The success of the workshop was apparent from the enthusiastic feedback from students as well as academic staff at Binus Northumbria School of Design. Binus Fabrics and Materials lecturer, Almira noted that the program could be incorporated into the Binus curriculum, covering material introductions to advanced eco-fashion branding. She also hoped to implement the workshops as part of an expanded annual program.

The workshop was a success for many reasons, but chiefly due to introducing  TENCEL™ branded fibers, to students in the fashion industry and highlighting the significance of sustainable fibers and their various uses. The collaboration between EASE Binus Northumbria School of Design has opened the door for future “Lenzing Goes To School” workshops with prominent design schools in Indonesia as well as other countries in the region, like Singapore.  The “Lenzing Goes To School” initiative in Indonesia is just beginning of an ongoing support program that Lenzing offers to young fashion students, and is part of an initiative that began with the collaboration with talented designers at the fashion show commemorating the 35th Anniversary of South Pacific Viscose. Most recently, TENCEL™ branded fibers were shown during Eco-Fashion Week in November, which continued to drive the concept of sustainable fashion in the industry, by showcasing the versatility of the fibers.