TENCEL™ Active Partners with Martini Sportswear for High- Performance Austrian-made Products

Martini Sportswear and TENCEL™ Active have partnered together to create a range of high performance and trendy sportswear using TENCEL™ branded fibers. Founded in 1958, Martini Sportswear are renowned for their high-quality sportswear collection which are made of some of the finest fibers available to ensure comfort and style are not compromised.

Martini Sportswear is based in Austria, and focused on producing high quality sportswear which ensure multifunctionality and innovative processing techniques. They also place special emphasis on the quality and functionality of the materials used, which is why TENCEL™ Active was selected as the fiber of choice.

TENCEL™ Active fibers are well suited for sporting activities, thanks to their natural structure which enables moisture management. The structure of the fiber enables regulation of the absorption and release of moisture, which in turn contributes to performance by keeping the body pleasantly cool and dry.