TENCEL™ Active: Innovative apparel that keeps pace with your active lifestyle

Being active isn’t just part of life, it’s a way of life. Those who choose to get the most out of every day, need an active-wear brand that supports their fast paced, energetic, no-excuses lifestyle.

To ensure consumers to look good, feel good and do good amidst the rigors of a rapid lifestyle, TENCEL™ Active, new, innovative brand by Lenzing, is the total solution for apparel makers who want to tab the growing active-wear market. With botanic origin, TENCEL™ Active defines a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort for people who demand the most out of themselves and the garments they wear.

Enabled by TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers, TENCEL™ Active combines state-of-the-art performance, with the highest levels of comfort and durability.

TENCEL™ Active harnesses cutting-edge technology to manage the transportation of moisture; keeping you cool, dry and confident. Submicroscopic canals between the microscopic fibrils of cellulose fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture to provide long-lasting natural comfort and versatility.

Active people need sportswear that can keep pace with their fast-moving lifestyle and look good. To ensure long lasting vibrancy, color pigments are deeply embedded into TENCEL™ Active garments, providing long lasting color, wash after wash.

Active people often spend time enjoying the ‘great outdoors’, taking advantage of all that nature has to offer. They want to minimize their impact on the environment so that future generations can enjoy those same outdoor activities. Lenzing shares this commitment to sustainability through production of cellulose fibers which are derived from renewable wood sources following the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy. Fibers used in the TENCEL™ Active brand are produced via responsible production processes and are compostable and biodegradable, providing you with the peace of mind that you are contributing to a sustainable future.

TENCEL™ Active combines the very best in cutting-edge technology with natural comfort and vibrant design to produce sportswear garments that meets the demands of active lifestyles.