Mara Hoffman - Sustainability And Transparency At Its Core

When Mara Hoffman launched her eponymous brand 18 years ago, the designer sought to celebrate all women.  Today, in addition to being inspired by women, the celebrated designer is also moved by the environment, focusing on the importance of sustainable fashion and transparency. 

There is a purpose to everything Hoffman designs.  From the fibers to the fabrics to the renowned designs of each collection, Mara Hoffman is determined to make a mark in fashion and educate consumers on the importance and benefits of sustainable fashion

Fresh off the debut of Hoffman’s Spring ’19 collection presentation in New York City; Malvina Hoxha from Lenzing US sat down with Hoffman spokesperson to gain more insight on the brand’s direction and leadership role in sustainable fashion.

Who is the Mara Hoffman woman & what does she stand for?

MH: She embraces beauty and wears clothes that feel authentic to her. She cherishes her clothes, considers them an investment and treats them as such. She’s here for the beauty but interested in the company’s approach, whether she’s an expert on sustainability or just starting to learn.

Why is sustainability such an important part to MH brand message?

MH: When I made the choice to transition the brand into sustainability, I made it wholeheartedly. I had to decide between working towards sustainability and closing our doors; I chose the former. The fashion industry’s impact on the environment is detrimental. Once we acknowledged our role in that, it became clear that sustainability would not only be important to the company, but a core part of our approach, a necessary facet of the existence of Mara Hoffman, the brand, moving forward. Since then, there’s been no turning back.

What inspired you to work with Lenzings’ TENCEL™ luxe innovation?

MH: It’s easy to work with and it feels good on your body. It drapes naturally and has a nice weight to it without feeling heavy.

What comes to mind when you think of TENCEL™ brand?

MH: Sustainable, innovative, and luxurious.         

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