Staying “Forever Young” with TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal fibers

The Inspiration

Today’s lifestyle of choice is increasingly focused on wellness. We are beginning to recognise that exercise, which is crucial to mental and physical wellbeing, should be a key part of any healthy lifestyle.

As a result, there’s a growing demand for textiles that not only enhance our experience as we work out, but also encourage us to move our bodies in the first place. With this in mind, Forever Young has been designed as a collection of intimates, activewear and outerwear that subconsciously inspires us to be active. When our bodies are active, they produce vital endorphins, making us feel youthful and invigorated.

High Performance Textiles

Textile selection is key to achieving this objective. Today’s textiles should not only look good; they should also deliver a wealth of benefits to the wearer, such as:

  • Sensation: stimulating the senses
  • Physical comfort: reacting to muscles, skin and temperature
  • Support: correcting and shaping the body
  • Protection: supporting and healing qualities

In providing these benefits, we can deliver a powerful dose of positive energy to the wearer that helps them to feel young and healthy, in both body and mind. Wearers will not only feel active but mindful; a state of serenity and awareness at the same time.

Design Partners

Studio Eva x Carola have been instrumental in the creation of this collection. They take a reverse approach to the process of creating; designs are produced as a result of textile choice, machine selection and data, rather than vice versa. The process involves several elements, including intensive research into the needs of the wearer, the capabilities of the material itself, and graphic design.

Seamless Technology

Seams are often associated with irritation to the skin and removing them can deliver an exceptional level of comfort. To produce this collection, we have therefore used the latest seamless and circular knitting technology from Santoni Shanghai and manufacturing skills from Kingwhale, Taiwan.

These different knit technologies have been used to transform stitches into functional textures. Engineering is done on a stitch-by-stitch level and textures are then bodymapped onto the garment. Throughout the garment, these textures fulfil different performance needs, working in harmony with their aesthetic and design.

One of the most important elements in the creation process is the testing of different yarns, machine settings and knits. Every structure that is developed is carefully analysed in terms of its touch, performance and appearance. Once the right metrics have been determined, the structures are assigned to different functional zones in the garment to produce the final design. These functional zones might deliver benefits such as ventilation, compression, power, support, shaping, protection, and insulation.

Modular Designs

In today's textile industry, target groups are constantly shifting, leading to diverse consumer profiles. There is a new breed of cross consumers who are looking for engagement and a variety of experiences. This has given rise to the need for layered outfits that can meet all of the wearer's daily requirements.

With this in mind, these products have been developed from the yarn up. Garments have been created using one concept and one fiber, whilst also delivering multiple end uses. This apparel appeals to both old and young demographics. It not only enhances the body but also combines elements from both fashion and activewear. There is a smooth interaction between inner layers (intimates) and outer layers (outerwear). Designs deliver both functionality and style - they combine the benefits of body enhancing textiles with an elegant aesthetic that is stylish enough to wear out. The resulting modular outfits provide versatility, performance, and most importantly value.

The power of nature

Finding the perfect synergy between product, knit technology and yarn is essential. Using natural functional fibers is an intelligent solution that can help to deliver important benefits to the wearer. The Forever Young collection therefore features TENCEL™ branded Lyocell and TENCEL™ branded Modal fibers (with Eco Soft and Micro technologies) blended with Merino, Umorfil, Coolmax or Celliant. Those familiar with Lenzing yarns will know that TENCEL™ fibers have some special attributes that are ideal for this type of apparel. Firstly, they're incredibly soft and smooth, giving a high level of comfort. Secondly, they are soothing and cooling on the skin, properties that are extremely beneficial when it comes to activewear. Finally, they are breathable, absorbing and releasing moisture and thereby assisting with thermal regulation. The result is a natural fiber that, as TENCEL™   slogan aptly puts it, “feels so right”.

These fibers not only feel right because of their material; they also feel right because they are sustainably produced. Both TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal fibers are made with ethically sourced wood - either natural forests or sustainably managed plantations. They have a low water footprint and are manufactured with a responsible use of chemicals. This means we can not only deliver wellbeing for ourselves, we can also deliver wellbeing for the planet.

View the collection

Forever Young is a fascinating example of Lenzing’s TENCEL™ branded fibers and how they can be used to create innovative designs.

As a leading industry player in the fiber industry, we always strive to maintain the delicate balance of People, Planet and Profit with the passion of producing sustainable fibers. Join us today to make a better world by purchasing apparel that is made of natural and eco-friendly fibers!

You can view the collection at the upcoming Interfilière in Paris on July 7, 8 and 9.