Bella Dahl plays with comfort and style for fall

Whether it’s 70s flair, girly details or super-soft denim, Bella Dahl is providing it all for keen consumers in just the right doses.

The Los Angeles-based brand with the city’s laid back style has amassed a loyal following of female fans who value comfort just as much as style. Today’s consumers want transitional garments that can take them from one activity to the next, and often times above style, they want to feel good in what they’re wearing.

And that’s something Bella Dahl knows about its consumers and has taken every effort to incorporate that in its offering.

Carved in Blue caught up with Bella Dahl director of marketing Jennifer Vathanadireg, to get the scoop on what we’ll see for the season and find out where the brand’s design inspiration comes from.

Carved in Blue: Tell us a little about Bella Dahl…what’s the vision and what does it mean?

Jennifer: We have a lot of new and exciting things going on with the brand. We already have a very loyal community of customers, and want to expand on this. Bella Dahl stands for “Beautiful Doll.”

Carved in Blue: Your fall line looks incredible. Can you tell us more about the latest fits and styles? 

Jennifer: Yes, we have added a lot of bell sleeves, tie backs and added embellishments to our denim tops and shirts. And of course, our fall line is as soft as ever!

Carved in Blue: What are some of your favorite pieces?

Jennifer: Our Fray Trucker Jacket is an absolute must. You can wear this with anything, and it’s so lightweight and soft. It’s a perfect transition into fall. Another favorite is our Peplum Top, it comes in various colors and goes with anything. It’s a perfect “day to night” piece.

Carved in Blue: What was a highlight of this seasons campaign? How did this influence the designs this season? 

Jennifer: This season was all about keeping it true. We’re always true to our brand, and this season we really embodied this.

Carved in Blue: What’s your take on colored denim this season?

Jennifer: One of Bella Dahl’s staple colors is denim. You’ll see chambray and a lot of blues come out each season. From button downs to peplums to joggers and skirts, there’s nothing we don’t use the color denim on. The more denim the better, trust us.

Carved in Blue: What are the features of the TENCEL® styles for customers?

Jennifer: Our TENCEL® pieces are the softest pieces of clothing you’ll ever feel. Seriously. That along with their durability and figure flattering form make them essentials for our customers—their every-day go-tos.

Carved in Blue: How does Bella Dahls address the “Conscious Denim Choice”?  

Jennifer: We address this in everything we do—from our product, to our stores, as well as online and on social media.

Carved in Blue: Speaking of social media, what Instagrammers do you turn to for fashion inspiration? 

Jennifer: Becky Hillyard (@cellajaneblog) and Ariana Lauren (@arianalauren) are very much aligned with the Bella Dahl brand. Their color stories and effortless feels match Bella Dahl’s laid-back, Southern California influence. We like to see how they’re mixing pieces that you typically wouldn’t see paired as an outfit. That inspires Bella Dahl to style each collection with an open mind.

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