Sleeping In Style With Homebody

Beverly Calvert Is Elevating The Sleepwear And Loungewear Markets With Her Sophisticated Collection Of Pajamas And Its Custom Fabrics Made With TENCEL™ branded fibers

While out shopping for pajamas for her partner Beverly Calvert grew frustrated at the lack of options in finding men’s pajamas that hit on all the prerequisites: well made, great design and comfort. So she did what any rational person would do, enroll in a fashion program at night school and launched Homebody, a premium line of men’s sleepwear.

Twenty years later the Homebody brand has grown into a collection of pajamas and loungewear for men, women and children. Handmade in the UK, Calvert, together with her business partner Susannah Manning have transformed the sleepwear and loungewear market with their attention to detail, simplistic designs and custom fabrics that feature TENCEL™ branded fibers. Their proprietary fabric, Modal Sens™, made from TENCEL™ modal fibers, feature premium characteristics such as long lasting softness, enhanced breathability and color retention, giving consumers a luxury experience.

The Lenzing™ team had the opportunity to sit down with Calvert for a first-hand account on what Homebody means to her and how the brand is changing the mindset of consumers shopping for pajamas and loungewear.

When and why did you launch Homebody?

BC: Homebody was launched in 1999 although for two years prior, we researched and developed the concept behind Homebody. Pre- millennium was an exciting time to imagine a new way of dressing for home. We believe we were the first to launch a luxury lifestyle collection, for men and women to wear, that could work both around the home and to sleep in.

Our philosophy centers around creating original & beautiful designs each season, that appeal to the wearer’s sense of style but also are beneficial to their well-being. When wearing Homebody there is a moment of calm and relaxation woven into the design!

Who is the Homebody customer?

BC: Our customer is very discerning; they appreciate exclusivity and quality. Travel is a big feature in their lives, often with multiple homes, that they literally stock with Homebody. Age is not of relevance, we believe that Homebody works for all – we place far more importance on quality of lifestyle. With our approach to design,

my partner Susie and I view making Homebody like a jigsaw: without the need to match top to bottom. We create multiple options for the wearer throughout, that are linked by using the same fabric but in different ways and colors. We will have several themes running through and we love to color block but always keep our designs fresh and interesting

How does Homebody differentiate itself in the marketplace?

BC: We make everything in the UK - both our fabric and our production is local and that means we keep a close eye on every step of the process which is what our customers are looking for and wait for our new styles that add to their existing collection. Finally we are a luxury brand focusing exclusively on sleepwear and loungewear, with the unique selling point of actually helping you get a better night’s sleep, and we have proven this with twenty years of customers who love what we make so much, they return each season.

Does sustainability play a role in the design and manufacturing of Homebody?

BC: Sustainability plays a vital role in our brand and has done so since the beginning. The way we make, is kept very close by in order that we can visit our factory often and ensure wastage and stock levels are kept to a minimum.


Image courtesy of Homebody, TENCEL™ Inimates sleep set

How long have you been using TENCEL™?

BC: We have been using TENCEL™ branded fibers since the very beginning of Homebody and we selected it for its beneficial qualities that work so well for what we make. Working with such a fine fiber, we have to work with carefully selected makers who are able to produce beautifully made garments from it because they have many years’ experience working with TENCEL™ Intimate.

What are some of the benefits to using TENCEL™ Intimate?

BC: The benefits are of course its silky soft feel; its thermo regulating qualities; the way it holds color and it is relatively easy maintenance compared to other luxury fabrics


Image courtesy of Homebody

How does TENCEL™ Intimate enhance the collections you are designing?

BC: TENCEL™ Intimate works brilliantly for making nightwear as it gives us so much flexibility and functional qualities, and most importantly it looks really good when made into our many different styles that we create for all the family. Each season we think to ourselves how we can possibly make more new ideas for the same TENCEL™ Intimate and each season we do come up with more! Homebody and TENCEL™ Intimate just get better and better – it’s the perfect partnership.

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