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03 / 12 / 2019
TENCEL™ raises the #FeelsSoRight vibes with brand partners in a new sustainable fashion and home textile campaign
03 / 12 / 2019
TENCEL™ raises the #FeelsSoRight vibes with brand partners in a new sustainable fashion and home textile campaign

Lenzing’s TENCEL™ brand is hitting the next milestone with the introduction of #FeelsSoRight – a worldwide co-branding campaign that aims to foster change towards sustainability in the fashion and textile world. Joined by brand partners from different regions, the campaign encourages consumers to embrace more eco-responsible clothing and home textiles, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion and textile industry.

Since the launch of the TENCEL™ brand in 2018, Lenzing has enabled consumers to “feel so right” with TENCEL™ branded fibers in apparel and home textile products. Themed under #FeelsSoRight, this year’s campaign brings out the essence and aspiration of TENCEL™ – not only allowing consumers to feel right and comfortable anytime, anywhere, but also supporting them to make the right choices for the planet, as TENCEL™ branded fibers are produced from sustainably sourced wood by environmentally responsible processes.

The campaign is driven by market insights on consumer’s readiness to do good and try sustainable fashion. In a recent research by GlobalWebindex (GWI), 59% of respondents expressed that they would pay more for sustainable and eco-friendly products. In order to allow eco-conscious consumers to make informed purchase decisions on eco-fashion, a series of informative and interesting content under the TENCEL™ #FeelsSoRight campaign will be rolled out in top-notch fashion media – Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

To date, over 190 million licensed sustainable products under TENCEL™ are available globally. Such products range from general apparel to athleisure and sportswear, denim, lingerie and home textile products like bedding, cushion cover, etc. To make these collections more visible and top-of-mind, Lenzing works closely with fashion brands to share “Sustainable OOTD (outfit of the day)” inspirations with fashionistas. As advocates of sustainable fashion, Lenzing and its brand partners will also cover the latest sustainability trends and provide tips for consumers to know where to buy high quality trendy eco-friendly fashion items.

From November onwards, consumers will be able to learn more about the environmental-conscious alternatives from these brands:

  • Arnhem – Australia
  • Jockey – Australia
  • Kit X – Australia
  • Sheridan – Australia
  • SELECTED – Germany
  • Wolford – Germany
  • OBLEKT – Japan
  • Something – Japan
  • The North Face – Japan
  • EASY SHOP – Taiwan
  • Wacoal – Taiwan
  • Boyish – USA
  • DL 1961 – USA
  • Mara Hoffman – USA

Check out the first wave of content in November on Vogue and Cosmopolitan, #FeelsSoRight campaign page, TENCEL ™ website and social media pages.