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03 / 12 / 2019
3 Trends You Cannot Miss This Season
03 / 12 / 2019
3 Trends You Cannot Miss This Season

In the last of the Autumn-Winter 2019 fashion weeks a few months back, Paris announced its 5-year plans of becoming the world’s first sustainable fashion capital, focusing on the use of stable, traceable and sustainable energy and resources in fashion. Among all, sustainable fibers are becoming part and parcel.

As we are approaching the year end, let’s check out some tips from TENCEL™, a brand for sustainably sourced and processed fibers, on how to dress up in style without compromising on sustainability in the new season.

As fashion trend always comes and goes in circles, it is not surprising that vintage nostalgia is coming back hot this season. Exposed boning on bustier and dresses, capes and Victorian neck ruffles have started to dominate websites of fashion brands. While denim is always in fashion, skinny jeans are finally on their way out and making way for boyfriend and wide-legged variations. It has been one of the most popular items in fashion icons’ closet for a long time. Real fashionistas care about their “inner beauty” as much as they do about outerwear. This coming season, sustainable lingerie is definitely the trend to watch out for, as fashion lovers continue their pursuit of more eco-friendly clothing.

Be ready to go back in time with puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves from the 80s are making a comeback in every girl’s shopping cart since this summer and expected to continue making waves. From floral print on sleeves to long jumpsuit with puffy shoulders, these items from Mara Hoffman are far more than just stylish. They are made of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers which are derived from sustainable wood sources, offering soft and premium touch and long-lasting comfort. The Chiara Bodysuit also consists of 52% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology. The pioneering REFIBREA™ technology involves upcycling a substantial proportion of cotton scarps in addition to wood pulp, where the raw materials are given the second lift to produce new TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. Don’t miss the chance to be the next fashion icon, happy shopping at Mara Hoffman where you can find fabulous puffy-sleeves tops and dresses!

Forget skinny jeans, embrace comfort and style with wide-legged jeans

The passion for skinny jeans is fading away and wide-legged jeans have been gradually gaining attention over the last few seasons. A pair of loose-fit jeans goes perfectly with a simple T-shirt, a blazer or even a cashmere sweater, and you will look chic all day long. Staying cool and feeling good are equally important when it comes to choosing jeans, and Boyish, a young brand especially focusing on sustainable women’s denim, is fully aware of this. Using TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers that contribute to breathable fabrics and support body’s natural temperature regulating properties, Boyish’s wide-legged jeans collections offer a refreshingly cool wearing experience to your skin. Meanwhile, the fibers also make jeans more durable and long-lasting.

Moon Top from Mara Hoffman | Chiara Bodysuit from Mara Hoffman

Sustainable underwear against take-make-waste model

With the blurring of the lines between innerwear and outerwear, fashion is flipping our wardrobes inside out. While lingerie is attaining more spotlight, what is certainly encouraging is that sustainable underwear is receiving much applause. The young lingerie brand from Taiwan, EASY SHOP, is dedicated to bringing a different “skin care” experience with its fashion-focused and high-quality underwear for ladies. In its highlighted collection “魔塑”, bras and panties are made of TENCEL™ Modal fibers featuring Eco Color technology which contributes to reduce water usage in production. TENCEL™ Modal fibers offer underwear a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness even after repeated washing. Empowered by Eco Color technology, TENCEL™ Modal fibers retain long-lasting color vibrancy. No more embarrassing moments when your faded bra straps are seen when wearing cropped tops.

Fashion trends are ever-changing, but one thing that the fashion industry is insisting on its strive for sustainability. For instance, SELECTED recently unveiled a new dress that is made of 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, a testament to the Danish-brand’s ‘Responsibly Crafted’ brand statement.

Following discussions and initiatives at G7 Fashion Pact, Copenhagen Fashion Summit and many more occasions, we see more sophisticated consumer education in sustainable raw materials in fashion. Now with more brands putting greater effort in developing sustainable collections using sustainable raw materials like TENCEL™ fibers, and making these choices and information more accessible to consumers, we are on the right track to making our closet and our planet “greener” in the coming seasons.