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09 / 09 / 2019
Why Lenzing cares about being carbon neutral
09 / 09 / 2019
Why Lenzing cares about being carbon neutral

Climate Change is already having a significant impact on the world’s ecosystems, economies and communities. It remains one of the most challenging environmental issues to resolve. There is no single solution and so, we need to combine forces to save the planet and its resources. Every industry therefore plays a critical role in preserving the environment and each must change harmful procedures for our more sustainable future.

Fighting climate change is a becoming more and more of a priority for many fashion companies. The biggest issue often lies in the production of clothing, which releases toxins into the environment.[1] According to news from the United Nations on climate change, the fashion industry contributes around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy intensive production processes.[2] The industry consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined.[3] To do something about this requires action from both businesses and consumers.

Industry leaders, corporations and organizations are starting to make significant changes by shifting their traditional business model to a more sustainable business model. Many companies are also keen to be carbon neutral – which means that the actions of a company or individual result in no additional carbon being released into the atmosphere. This can be in the form of Carbon Dioxide (CO) which is considered a greenhouse gas and is responsible for the greenhouse effect and heating up of the world’s atmosphere. CO2 is also dissolving into our oceans and altering their pH balance which is having a knock effect to the habits of many oceanic creatures. Hence, if we can limit the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy or through offsetting emissions strategies such as planting trees then we can start to reduce the impact. Another term for carbon neutral is to have a zero-carbon footprint.

Many international companies and fashion designers, including Stella McCartney, H&M, and Adidas, have stated they are committed to finding solutions in fighting climate change and pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050.[4] As an eco-advocate, Lenzing is at the industry forefront and can instigate action. Earlier this year, Lenzing made a long-term commitment to transform itself into the world’s first carbon neutral fiber producer. To make headway, Lenzing is investing more than EUR 100 million over the next few years to reduce carbon emissions for both operational boundaries and supply chain.

A first milestone is set for 2030, when Lenzing plans to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of product by almost 50 percent. Lenzing aims to accomplish net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

While the goal may seem quite ambitious, with new technology, adaptation along the supply chain, and together with the growing portfolio of sustainable Lenzing fibers, Lenzing is confident. There is hope for a greener, better and more sustainable future.