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07 / 06 / 2022
New fiber blending quick check tool on Lenzing E-Branding Service platform
07 / 06 / 2022
New fiber blending quick check tool on Lenzing E-Branding Service platform

In April 2022, Lenzing launched the Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool on the Lenzing E-Branding Service, providing partners and customers the opportunity to properly plan sustainable fabric developments with Lenzing fibers right from the start. The Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool provides insights into possible fiber blends and shows which of Lenzing’s branded offers or technologies can be used with certain product compositions or Lenzing certified fabrics.

Fabric manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of developing specific fabrics for new garment collections, which retailers can then display in the store with TENCEL™ or LENZING™ ECOVERO™ hangtags and showcase the fiber technologies, such as REFIBRA™, Eco Soft or Micro technologies. To make this process smoother, fabric mills are able to choose a specific material composition right from the beginning that allows their customers to order the desired labels in Lenzing via the E-Branding Service customer portal.

Using the new Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool, fabric manufacturers can quickly and easily check in advance whether the planned fiber blend of the fabric is in accordance with Lenzing’s Certification Standards or if a higher percentage of Lenzing fibers is required to enable branding on the final product. Through Lenzing’s Certification Standards, manufacturers can easily obtain knowledge on whether Lenzing fiber types e.g., LENZING™ Lyocell (Standard) are contained in the woven or knitted fabric. The tool can also verify which Lenzing fiber brand is behind each fiber type, which is useful when the retailer promotes the final product to the consumer.

The Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool can be found on the landing page of the Lenzing E-Branding Service platform and is accessible to all users even without logging in.

The example above shows that the fabric which consists of 70% LENZING™ Lyocell fibers and 30% cotton can be submitted for Lenzing Certification and subsequently, via a Product License, both TENCEL™ or, if for Workwear applications, LENZING™ branding can be used on the product.

​In the case of a negative result, for example, due to a low Lenzing fiber percentage, the system will guide customers accordingly and offer them initial solutions to the issue.

Click here to try out the Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool. If you are interested in Lenzing’s licensing options, you can read about them here​.