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13 / 06 / 2023
Lenzing’s textile partner Chia Her Industrial wins the Eco Performance Award at Performance Days 2023
13 / 06 / 2023
Lenzing’s textile partner Chia Her Industrial wins the Eco Performance Award at Performance Days 2023

The textile industry is in constant search of innovation, giving way to the development of new fiber blends and fabric options that boast improved functionality, sustainability and performance. This year at Performance Days, Lenzing’s Taiwan-based textile partner Chia Her Industrial demonstrated just how far innovation can go, taking home the Eco Performance Award for “RY0310-011”. The fabric “Banana HA & TENCEL™ Tropical Check” is a blend of banana and 80% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers.

The Eco Performance Award honors companies for outstanding sustainability and functionality efforts in textiles. The high level of innovation and quality many submitted fabrics showed is not only yet again striking, but also in the context of this year’s Focus Topic: low carbon footprint. “Following the roadmap of our Focus Topic ‘On the Road to CO2 Neutrality’, it became apparent that a low carbon footprint is already a decisive criterion in production for many manufacturers. This means that in the future we will help Performance Days visitors to make the best decision in terms of material selection, CO2 neutrality and ultimately also regarding textile recyclability,” explains Marco Weichert, General Manager of Performance Days.

Also known as abaca fiber, banana fibers have gained popularity in the textiles industry for their natural strength and durability, standing out as an alternative to its synthetic counterparts. Leaning into their existing benefits, Chia Her, an R&D-oriented textile manufacturer based in Taiwan found a way of extracting banana hemp into yarn, blending it with TENCEL™ Lyocell to offer a lightweight and absorbent summer fabric, up to three times more tear resistant than cotton. The resulting fabric blend was able to absorb up to 30 percent moisture without dampening and proved easy to care for.

“We are honored to be recognized by seasoned industry experts and the Performance Days jury alongside our partners at Chia Her Industrial,” said Andreas Gürtler, Senior Business Development Manager Functional Wear, Global Textiles Business at Lenzing AG. “This award is a testament to the possibilities in sustainable fiber innovation and reaffirms how essential collaborations across the supply chain are in driving positive change for the textiles industry.”

Known for their natural comfort, TENCEL™ fibers have been selected by partners like Chia Her Industrial for their high compatibility as a blending partner with various fiber types and the increased sustainability they lend to final fabrics. “TENCEL™ branded fibers are produced in an environmentally responsible production process with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact,” said Chia Her Industrial Co. “For our mission to offer an innovative and sustainable fabric to our eco-conscious consumers, TENCEL™ was the perfect partner choice and we are delighted to be honored for our collaboration.”