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All TENCEL™ fibers are identifiable, verifiable and traceable with fiber identification technology. By ensuring the authenticity of TENCEL™ fibers in the value chain, we reassure the low environmental impact and high resource efficiency of the fiber™'s production, build more trust between customers, brands and consumers, and hold all accountable to environmental responsibility in the textile industry.

Final garments and textile products made with authentic TENCEL™ fibers benefit from our innovative fiber identification technology that helps to further supply chain security, transparency and trust.


We aim to build trust and transparency between brands, supply chains and consumers while also holding all accountable to environmental responsibility and social improvement in the textile industry. With garments made with TENCEL™ fibers, the deeper you look into the garment, the better it feels.

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supply chain transparency

With fiber identification technology based on a special production process, TENCEL™ fibers can be verified as authentic in the value chain through Lenzing testing. This method of identification supplements transparency and traceability in the supply chain and ensures the authenticity of TENCEL™ fibers.

traceable fiber identification


Our unique identity is ingrained in every genuine TENCEL™ fiber with fiber identification technology and can be verified in the value chain, guaranteeing fiber authenticity from fiber to final product. Fiber identification enables the traceability of TENCEL™ fibers, providing a backbone for sustainability in the supply chain.


securing our E-Branding Service

The Lenzing E-Branding Service platform is a fast and simple way for value chain partners to obtain product certificates, licenses and swing tags to showcase their use of TENCEL™ fibers and branding. Fiber identification technology helps the E-Branding Service by verifying the authenticity of TENCEL™ fibers in products.

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transparency in the supply chain


With fiber identification technology, it is clear that the TENCEL™ fibers in your final products are authentic and, therefore, made of wood sourced from certified sustainably managed forests and procured from independently verified wood and pulp suppliers.

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