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02 / 10 / 2018
TENCEL™ Fiber Used in the Production of Local Heritage Product, Sarung Goyor
02 / 10 / 2018
TENCEL™ Fiber Used in the Production of Local Heritage Product, Sarung Goyor

Earlier this year, Indonesian textile mill, PT Lakumas partnered with Lenzing to incorporate TENCEL™ botanic fibers in the production of handmade Sarung Goyor’s, an iconic local heritage product in the Central Javanese regions of Tegal and Pemalang.

This partnership now means that TENCEL™ brand Lyocell fibers will serve as the main component of the sarungs, offering a sustainable element to a much-loved local heritage item. The news was covered by local Indonesian TV station, Jak TV, who visited the mill, and spoke with members of the community now working with TENCEL™ fibers, alongside representatives from Lenzing and PT Lakumas.

The coverage noted that the production of the sarung has proved to be a boom for the local economy, supporting residents and in turn reducing unemployment numbers. This is due to the weaving process of the sarung’s - as they are traditionally woven by hand, each Sarung Goyor requires the work of at least 12 people to produce.

In addition to discussing the impact the partnership between Lenzing and PT Lakumas has had on the local area, the coverage also included an interview with Lenzing Indonesia representative, Winston A. Mulyadi, Commercial Head (SEA Region). Winston used this opportunity to sit down with the media and discuss the wide range of benefits that come from incorporating TENCEL™ fibers into the production of the Sarung Goyor, not only in terms of the high quality of the yarn and resulting durability of the fabric and lasting color.

As all TENCEL™ branded Lyocell fibers are derived from certified sustainable and renewable wood sources, the use of these fibers combines the integration of style, comfort and sustainability with eco-responsible and sustainable production processes, ensuring sustainable alternatives to consumers, which are just some of the reasons that PT Lakumas selected TENCEL™ brand fibers as their main producer of yarn.

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