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10 / 10 / 2018
Beyond the Fiber: TENCEL™ Bridge Provides an Absolute Solution for Textile Industry
10 / 10 / 2018
Beyond the Fiber: TENCEL™ Bridge Provides an Absolute Solution for Textile Industry

TENCEL™ Bridge is a premium service for our value chain customers. It links global value chains to end buyers, inspiring the creation and generation of more business opportunities. “With expertise and passion, we are your partners, your external team, and we win the market together!” a quote from Judy Chen, Director of Business Development – inner wear, she has also been the initiator of Bridge for the past 3 years.

The TENCEL™ Bridge Project is a biannual workshop focused on helping companies solve the eternal predicament of making sense of the many trend reports they receive by using an integrated, trend-focused discussion. This project aims to close the gap between consumer demand and real production by linking business and trend markets, consequently turning trends into reality seamlessly.

“The TENCEL™ Bridge Project benefits the active and outerwear segment through encouraging our mill partners to develop new fabrics based on the latest industry and fashion trends. Through inspiring outerwear designs with functional Active sportswear elements, we enable the rise of a brand new exciting interpretation of Athleisurewear,” said Andreas Wilhelm Gürtler, Head of Global Business Development.

From Trends to Textiles “What’s next? What’s new? No more difficulties!”

The TENCEL™ Bridge team consists of a professional trend consultant, a global segment business development manager, professional technicians and a regional business development manager. With reliable solution concepts and decades of experience, the Bridge team is adept at navigating the season’s mega trends, and micro-trends such as color, seasonal fabric highlights and garment style. The Bridge Project inspires the creation and innovation, no more difficulties in developing new ideas for next season!

One of the great benefits of the TENCEL™ Bridge Project is how they assist companies in differentiating their products, increasing their product’s value and ensure their success in the market. The TENCEL™ Bridge team also provides market insights and product analyses from raw materials to end products. “The concept trend board for both men and women is helpful in providing ideas for the collection. The trend consultant’s comments on our hangers are helpful. Moreover, connecting the brands with the fabric suppliers is helpful, said CAN TEKSTİL ENTEGRE TESİSLERİ VE TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş.

How to boost your business using TENCEL™ Bridge

After interpreting the trend concept, customers develop new fabrics which will then go through fabric testing by Lenzing. We then gather all the fabrics and send them to Studio MLR for the next step. Trend consultants will then select around 120 fabrics based on color and trend, making them into seasonal trend boards. These will then be presented to key global brands and retailers via TENCEL™ global connection.

For quick business matching, each selected fabric from Studio MLR will be installed with a QR code. This will allow TENCEL™ to connect the brands and suppliers right away, allowing for more business opportunities to be created via TENCEL™ Bridge.

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