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17 / 10 / 2023
TENCEL™ steps into the spotlight at events in London and New York
17 / 10 / 2023
TENCEL™ steps into the spotlight at events in London and New York

London Fashion Week took place in September, celebrating innovation, creativity, and sustainability. Among the many designers who graced the runway, two names stood out for their unwavering commitment to eco-conscious fashion, Patrick McDowell and Supriya Lele, both of which featured TENCEL™ branded fibers or TENCEL™ LUXE filaments in their collections. Lenzing also championed responsibility by hosting the “Fiber Innovation Center” initiative at New York Home Market Week, creating a hub for discussions and discoveries, and driving forward the conversation on sustainable textiles and home products.

Patrick McDowell, renowned for his passionate dedication to sustainable fashion, teamed up with the Rambert Dance Academy to create latest collection “City Dancer”, a truly unique fashion experience that seamlessly merged style and movement. His designs consistently push the boundaries of sustainable fashion, with at least 30% of the garments in the “City Dancer” collection crafted from fabrics containing TENCEL™ fibers or TENCEL™ LUXE filaments, which are recognized for their versatility and high-quality physical properties, such as softness, comfort, and durability. Lenzing looks to continue its collaboration with Patrick McDowell, setting an example for the fashion industry by proving that style and sustainability could harmoniously coexist on the catwalk.

Supriya Lele, a nominee for the British Fashion Award, captivated audiences with her unique fusion of Indian heritage and British cultural identity. Lele’s designs offer a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion, showcasing a distinctly feminine and diverse viewpoint that tells a nuanced story while maintaining sustainability as a core value by incorporating wood-based TENCEL™ fibers that align with her artistic vision. Showcasing this collection at London Fashion Week highlighted the growing importance of sustainability and cultural diversity in the fashion industry, signaling a promising future for conscious and inclusive fashion.

Meanwhile, the Fiber Innovation Center at New York Home Market Week made its triumphant return for the second consecutive year, underscoring the success and impact of its inaugural run. Hosted at Lenzing´s New York City Showroom, the Fiber Innovation Center’s mission is clear: to be a catalyst for innovation and collaboration within the textile industry by showcasing a variety of versatile sustainable fibers, applications, and treatments. Lenzing is proud to create an experience that facilitates the collaboration between various industry leaders who are passionate about advancing sustainability, empowering attendees to embrace sustainability and innovation as the driving forces behind the future of textiles into a circular economy.

These collaborations underscore Lenzing’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness of responsible practices and the adoption of wood-based materials, while also bringing practical solutions and design benefits across the textile industry. Lenzing is proud to partner with brands, industry leaders and designers who so closely share the same values, reflecting a collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovative textile solutions.

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