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03 / 02 / 2023
TENCEL™ spotlights endless possibilities for a sustainable denim industry
03 / 02 / 2023
TENCEL™ spotlights endless possibilities for a sustainable denim industry

One can never go wrong with a pair of jeans. Finding the perfect pair feels like hitting the jackpot, they fit nicely and feel good to wear. Beyond a flattering appearance, what makes a good pair of jeans great is the added confidence that the denim used is not a burden on the environment. With denim making a strong comeback in 2023, promoting the importance of a circular and sustainable denim industry will continue to be a top priority at Lenzing. To promote sustainable denim, Lenzing participated in two very special and meaningful showcases in New York in January.

Pakistan-based denim manufacturer Soorty hosted the third edition of its SpaceD open house in their New York showroom under the theme “Design for Circularity”. The manufacturer hoped to spotlight circularity as a way to close the loop in jean design with the latest conscious technologies and collections. The event also highlighted the importance of creativity and design in building a sustainable fashion industry, placing an emphasis on quality which could ensure apparel like denim becomes more reusable and durable.

The open house featured a series of talks, workshops and product showcases. Tuncay Kılıçkan, Head of Global Business Development Denim at Lenzing, joined the event as one of the key speakers. He shared what nature-inspired design meant to Lenzing and how innovations in TENCEL™ fibers have helped drive solutions for circular denim. Furthermore, Lenzing also worked with Soorty on a capsule collection at the open house, with three out of the eight denim garments showcased made of fabrics that use TENCEL™ branded fibers as blending materials. The showcase demonstrated the versatility of TENCEL™ fibers and how denim is an ever-evolving canvas for expression.

In addition to the Soorty open house, Lenzing also participated in the Kingpins Show in New York and was a sponsor of the show’s happy hour. The event showcased upcoming trends and what consumers are looking for when searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Y2K and retro styles are still going strong: consumers are more willing to experiment with embellishments, different washes and fits, and loud, funky prints. Comfort is also a point of contention, with consumers wanting jeans that have a soft hand feel and are accommodating to different body sizes. Lenzing’s booth spotlighted how mills are using fiber innovations - including TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology, matte TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology - to create denim that feels good, fits well and is functional for everyday life.

Industry partners and consumer brands also highly appreciated the TENCEL™ brand’s “zero cotton” and “zero virgin cotton” applications that blend with materials like hemp and recycled cotton. In addition, Lenzing showcased TENCEL™’s specially curated collection, Simple Pleasures, which was developed in partnership with Jeanologia. The collection was designed with joy in mind, showcasing the benefits of TENCEL™ fibers: soft and luxurious to the touch while being gentle and kind to the environment.

Lenzing is proud to partner with like-minded brands and will continue to share ideas and insights with industry stakeholders on ways to create a circular denim industry collectively.

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