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30 / 05 / 2023
Lenzing further localizes E-Branding Service with Japanese and Spanish language options
30 / 05 / 2023
Lenzing further localizes E-Branding Service with Japanese and Spanish language options

Adhering to its mission of building a global platform that feels local, Lenzing has rolled out a number of significant enhancements to its E-Branding Service platform, including the addition of Japanese and Spanish language options. The Lenzing E-Branding Service is the access point to an innovative tool kit supporting certification and verification of products with Lenzing fibers as well as co-branding activities covering product promotion, sustainability, and other marketing activities.

By incorporating Japanese and Spanish language options into the platform, Lenzing acknowledges the huge demand among customers speaking these languages around the world, and now provides them with a user-friendly, easy experience. In addition to the new language options, Lenzing has also improved the platform’s ability to handle multi-lingual text inputs to provide better processing and acceptance of key information such as company names and personal names in most languages and typescripts globally. This improvement will streamline communication and collaboration between partners worldwide.

Following the success of launching Turkish and French language options earlier this year – the number of Fabric Certification and License applications submitted in Turkish has quadrupled and French-speaking users submitted strong customer satisfaction scores. This shows that the choice of more language options and multilingual text inputs enables a more seamless and tailored experience on the platform.

As Lenzing continues to digitalize its value chain management, the addition of new language options along with the current services of fabric certification, application for product licenses, access to branding materials, Artwork Approval, Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool, Onboarding Tool, E-Branding Master Class, and E-Branding Helpdesk will enable local teams to enhance customer experience across the globe.

“Our mission is to keep innovating to improve the efficiency of the E-Branding Service for our customers. With the introduction of Japanese and Spanish language options on the platform, we’ve made it easier for customers in these regions to promote their use of our sustainable fibers. Our local teams are also able to focus even more on helping our customers grow their business. In the long term, our ultimate goal is to enable customers anywhere in the world to interact with the Lenzing E-Branding Service in the language they are most comfortable with,” said Daniel Leong, Global Head of Digital Customer Experience, Lenzing.

To assist customers who require quick and effective support, the platform’s dedicated Help Desk team has been multilingual since the start of the year and has now extended their capabilities to ensure users can access professional support in Japanese and Spanish.

Lenzing is continually seeking new ways to update its E-Branding Service and better cater to the evolving needs of its customers. Looking ahead, Lenzing will focus on building a solution which addresses the growing demand for enhanced productivity, enables more scalable data exchange, and empowers sustainable business growth of its customers.

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