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TENCEL™ insights
08 / 05 / 2024
Introducing Only One TENCEL™ Brand: Lenzing’s commitments to reinforce trademark protection
TENCEL™ insights
08 / 05 / 2024
Introducing Only One TENCEL™ Brand: Lenzing’s commitments to reinforce trademark protection

The textile value chain places growing importance on authenticity and sustainability, with trademarks serving as vital indicators of product integrity for consumers. Recognizing this, Lenzing has launched the “Only One TENCEL™ Brand” campaign, underscoring the company’s dedication over the years to preserving the TENCEL™ brand trademark and ensuring that only products made of genuine TENCEL™ branded fibers are labeled as such.

To learn more about the ongoing efforts of the TENCEL™ brand, we sat down with Harold Weghorst, Senior Director of Marketing and Branding, Global Textiles Business, Lenzing AG.

Q: Can you share more about the “Only One TENCEL™ Brand” campaign and why it’s important?

“Only One TENCEL™ Brand” is an embodiment of our commitment to upholding the authenticity and quality associated with the TENCEL™ brand. For more than 30 years, TENCEL™ has become synonymous with responsible fiber innovation [1], offering products known for their softness, smoothness, and high environmental standards [2].

As the TENCEL™ brand continues to grow in popularity, so does the importance of protecting its trademark. Through this campaign, we aim to reinforce the unique identity and integrity of the TENCEL™ brand and ensure that consumers can be confident that they’re getting the authentic, high-quality, and eco-responsible [1] products they expect. TENCEL™ is a protected trademark, so every use of it must be authorized by Lenzing to maintain the brand’s reputation and consumer trust. Unauthorized use of our name doesn’t merely jeopardize our reputation, it also undermines the trust that consumers and value chain partners place in the TENCEL™ brand. We uphold a zero-tolerance approach to any form of trademark infringement and are always prepared to take any necessary actions to fight against infringers.

Q: How does the “Only One TENCEL™ Brand” campaign contribute to building trust in the textile industry?

Innovation fuels the evolution of the textile value chain, and trademarks are vital for protecting the intellectual property rights of innovators. The notion of trademark protection targets not only the TENCEL™ brand but also every single trademark in the textile value chain and beyond.

The “Only One TENCEL™ Brand” campaign highlights the significance of using authorized TENCEL™ branded fibers. It calls on all members of the textile value chain to stand firm and step up in the fight against any form of infringement. We believe that by protecting our name, we not only safeguard our value chain, but also support consumers who are determined to do more for our planet with every conscious purchase they make.

For instance, Lenzing proactively requires that all usage of the TENCEL™ trademark be consented to, with all relevant certifications and licenses processed via the Lenzing E-Branding Service online portal.

Counterfeits and infringement have always threatened the industry and the market we care for, and we’re committed to combating these issues to safeguard consumers from products with mislabeled or misused trademarks.

Q: What action is Lenzing taking to combat counterfeiting products against the TENCEL™ brand and what can partners expect in terms of future trademark protection efforts?

Innovation and collaboration have been crucial to the development of our industry. To ensure a healthy business environment, we will maintain our efforts in protecting the TENCEL™ trademark in the market both online and offline.

At the same time, our Lenzing E-Branding Service has been one of our key strategies in safeguarding the TENCEL™ trademark, too. Launched in 2018, Lenzing E-Branding Service is an all-in-one digital platform that facilitates fiber certification, application for product licenses and branding materials. In a few simple steps, our partners will be granted the right to use the TENCEL™ trademark and TENCEL™’s credentials in their products. To ensure on-going compliance, Lenzing’s E-Branding Service also provides a set of branding assets, training guides and dedicated live webinars.

Moving forward, we will continue to be proactive in ensuring “Only One TENCEL™ Brand” across the textile value chain. From supporting the industry with our Lenzing E-Branding Service, to consumer education, collaboration with authorities, and cooperation with trade fair organizers, our efforts will persist and yield positive results.


[1] TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fiber production processes are continuously refined to maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Consequently, carbon emissions and water consumption of TENCEL™ fibers are at least 50% lower compared to generic lyocell and modal fibers, according to Higg MSI. Results based on LCA standards (ISO 14040/44) and available via Higg MSI (Version 3.7).

[2] TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers are certified with the EU Ecolabel (license no. AT/016/001) for environmental excellence.

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