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07 / 09 / 2022
Empower your brand with the TENCEL™ trademark: 3 tips to gain consumer trust
07 / 09 / 2022
Empower your brand with the TENCEL™ trademark: 3 tips to gain consumer trust

Since 1992, TENCEL™ has been a pioneer and advocate of sustainable fashion and home textiles. Adopting an innovative and forward-thinking approach, the TENCEL™ brand has redefined what it means to “feel good” — bringing comfort to skin, whilst being kind to the planet.

Consumers and retail brands believe in TENCEL™’s brand values and trust the quality of its fiber products. According to a customer survey conducted by Lenzing in early 2022 across its key markets in Europe, North America and APAC, TENCEL™ ranked within the top 4 for brand awareness amongst fiber ingredient brands for fashion and home textiles, and has a high awareness-to-ownership conversion rate — every 100 consumers who are aware of the TENCEL™ brand, 62 of them will actually make a purchase*.

To maintain the integrity of the brand, which enjoys high consumer recognition and is in strong demand, Lenzing AG protects the TENCEL™ trademark by proactively detecting and enforcing against infringements and misuse, supported by a fiber verification system.

Here is a selection of the most useful tips to help avoid any trademark mishaps and strengthen consumer trust in your products made with TENCEL™ branded fibers:

1. TENCEL™ is a legally protected trademark:

TENCEL™ is a trademark owned and registered by Lenzing AG. Lenzing AG takes proactive measures to protect it. To use the trademark or brand assets, a license must be obtained from Lenzing AG through the prescribed processes.

2. The required license to use the TENCEL™ trademark can be applied online:

The Lenzing E-Branding Service provides a one-stop online solution for licensing and the certification required for license applications. This system supports all partners throughout the value chain – no matter the business type, size, or needs – with a range of online tools and local support teams to provide assistance throughout the application processes. Once the application has been approved, TENCEL™ brand assets will be shared with the partner and can be used in promotions.

3. TENCEL™ is a fiber ingredient brand, not a description for generic materials or end applications:

The use of the TENCEL™ trademark and brand assets is governed by a set of guidelines that protects the brand and ensures consistency in branding. In particular, TENCEL™ is a brand of cellulosic fibers made by Lenzing for the fashion and home textiles industry. TENCEL™ is not a fiber type or generic material name. Uses such as “TENCEL™ cotton” or “a TENCEL™ shirt” would be in breach of the guidelines. Lenzing has a dedicated team who are always on hand to provide guidance on correctly utilizing brand assets and to review and approve the usage of the TENCEL™ trademark in the marketing materials.

To conclude, using the TENCEL™ trademark correctly will enhance consumer trust and enable retail brands to fully enjoy the high recognition of quality and commitment to sustainability the TENCEL™ brand brings. This is vital in an era where consumers around the world care passionately about choosing fashion and home textiles products that benefit both theirs and the planet’s needs. Take action and start using the trademark correctly by applying for a license today.


* Source: Nielsen, Brand Performance Study – Textile, 2022. The Brand Performance Study is a research commissioned by Lenzing to study the performance of fiber ingredient brands for fashion and home textiles in consumer markets around the world. The study is conducted annually in the US, the UK, Germany, Turkey, India, Indonesia, China, Japan and Korea.

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