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03 / 09 / 2020
Designers Magdalena Brunner and Marie-Louise Rosholm bring TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Color technology into the spotlight
03 / 09 / 2020
Designers Magdalena Brunner and Marie-Louise Rosholm bring TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Color technology into the spotlight

TENCEL™ brand has recently partnered with fashion designer Magdalena Brunner from Plural fashion and fabric designer Marie-Louise Rosholm from Studio MLR to create a forward-thinking, sustainable capsule collection. Dubbed the “Black Label” capsule collection, their collaboration spans the entire supply chain, connecting fiber production, fabric creation and garment design under one umbrella: environmental impact reduction and timeless sustainability.

Magdalena Brunner designed the whole collection consisting of 25 garment pieces and 4 pairs of shoes. The collection includes coats, jackets, pants, skirts, shirts and sweaters for women and men. “As in Plural’s own collections, the main focus in design is on minimalism and timelessness. The collection is made up of comfortable basic elements with minimalistic details and elegant, puristic oversize cuts.” Magdalena explains. The result is a combination of sporty and casual everyday looks for an urban self‐confident person, who wants to make a statement for more minimalism in life and focus on the essentials. Purism, timelessness and sustainability are the themes that the Plural collection wants to convey for Lenzing.

TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Color technology will allow garments to remain vibrant and hold their color for longer even after multiple wash. Using 50% less water and energy as well as 60% less carbon footprint, those TENCEL™ Modal fibers results in a lower environmental impact compared to conventionally dyed fabrics.

Magdalena does not chase trends. “Trends always have an expiration date, which is why I focus on longevity in every collection. Only this can be sustainable,” says Magdalena.

Magdalena Brunner, designer and founder of Plural

This is what made TENCEL™ Modal fibers the natural choice for her. Its ability remain satisfyingly soft to the touch over time was in keeping with her vision for durable and timeless garments.

Whilst many designers may find collaborating across borders to be a challenge during the pandemic, Marie-Louise and Magdalena felt otherwise. They welcomed the opportunity to work across the value chain and design sustainable solutions for stylish streetwear. They hope the new collection can continue to spread awareness on the benefits of sustainable designs.

Marie-Louise’s approach for the new capsule collection was to create a fabric using 100% sustainable fibers without compromising performance. Using a combination of TENCEL™Modal x Eco Color and natural Kapok fibers, the designers created a range of stylish and elegant fashion sweater knits, designed to last with special performance capabilities. She has always pushed boundaries with her designs. She understands customer needs and often incorporates the best possible sustainable solution in her pieces. For this collection, Marie-Louise knew she wanted to use TENCEL™ Modal fibers in black color owing to their durability and long-lasting color retention.

Marie-Louise Rosholm, fabric designer of Studio MLR

“The idea for creating a fabric with special performance capabilities using 100% sustainable fibers came to me before the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Marie-Louise. “There is a real need for sustainable solutions to the materials we interact with every day. The pandemic simply doesn’t change this. For me, the timing and idea couldn’t have been more spot on.”

The “Black Label” capsule collection is an evolution in sustainable fashion alternatives. The designers see these eco-friendly garments as a “North Star”, guiding the fashion industry toward a sustainable future.

The TENCEL™ brand is always delighted to partner with exciting sustainability-focused designers to create stylish yet eco-friendly garments. The team has a flurry of collaborations with like-minded designers and brands in the pipeline, united by the desire to showcase the benefits of their fibers and continue creating unique and eco-friendly designs.

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