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06 / 08 / 2020
What does loungewear look like for the next generation of women? – A conversation with industry expert Jos Berry (Part 1) copy
06 / 08 / 2020
What does loungewear look like for the next generation of women? – A conversation with industry expert Jos Berry (Part 1) copy

Jos Berry is Founder and Creative Director of Concepts Paris, the world’s leading lingerie and beachwear design source. With over 30 years’ experience, Jos is dedicated to bringing her inspiring ideas to every piece of lingerie she designs. In recent years, Jos partnered with TENCEL™ Luxe on her loungewear collections to bring a new dimension to eco-couture and eco-lingerie.

In a two-part series, we engage in conversation with Jos on the partnership and her insights on sustainability in the fashion industry. Part one will feature Jos’ thoughts about TENCEL™ Luxe and the story behind her partnership with the brand. This will be followed by part two, where Jos will share her views on the top five industry trends for upcoming seasons, and how the industry needs to prepare for transformation to a new model – sustainable fashion. She will also offer her observations on consumers’ perceptions of the textile industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

Jos Berry

Q: Why did you choose TENCEL ™ Luxe filament yarns for your loungewear designs?

Jos: TENCEL™ Luxe branded filaments perfectly matched our needs, at a time where sustainable fabrics are so widely called for. Alongside the eco-benefits, we were looking for fabric that really stood out from the other eco-friendly options in the market, one that has a luxurious touch. When I was first introduced to the TENCEL™ Luxe brand, I already knew that the fabric would work wonderfully on beautiful silky designs and I instantly fell in love with it! Smooth to the touch with exquisite appeal and a delicate sheen, TENCEL™ Luxe branded fibers were an excellent sustainable alternative for my loungewear materials.

For many still in lockdown throughout the crisis, comfort remains a top consideration for apparel shoppers, so I see great potential for TENCEL™ Luxe filaments, particularly at a time when consumer demand for comfortable clothes is growing.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Lenzing? What are the advantages of TENCEL™ Luxe filament?

Jos: Well, I have to say it’s largely because of Lenzing’s credibility as a pioneer in the industry, having invested in sustainable solutions for many years. After all, Lenzing is an Austrian company which has been developing eco-friendly solutions for over 80 years, with a culture deeply rooted in sustainability. To me, the advantages of TENCEL™ branded fibers extend beyond their high quality, it’s about trust. In a market that is still growing, it is enormously powerful to have a trusted product launched by a leading company.

The fact that Lenzing has taken great strides in technology innovation and research, following the strictest environmental standards, gives me confidence of the credibility of TENCEL™ branded fibers. When it comes to the origins of the fibers, we fully trust the sources Lenzing adopts are biodegradable and natural.

Moreover, the practical functionalities of the fibers also stand out. What I really love about TENCEL™ Luxe filament is its feel, which is incredibly pleasant, silky and smooth. It also weighs more than silk and can therefore produce better drape effects.

Q: What is the story or inspiration behind the design pieces that you have created?

Jos: I have been in the industry for over 30 years and seen an enormous change in women’s demand. Lately, the quality of garments and the lifecycle of purchases is of paramount importance. Everyone is already talking about durability and quality. At this point I often wonder: what’s next?

This is where the idea of versatility comes into my designs. Garments for the next generation of women need to adapt to our increasingly flexible schedules and be wearable on different occasions. They should be easy to take care of, whether dressing up or down and be easy to pack along with the rest of their luggage. Garments need to have an enormous scope in the ways they can serve women.

Another dimension of versatility is inclusivity, the ability to serve women of all ethnicities, body shapes and ages. Therefore, we developed the “typical hybrid collection” which includes versatile products that can be worn on different occasions by women of any age.

Photo credit: Jos Berry

Q: How would you describe TENCEL ™ Luxe in five words?

Jos: I would say that TENCEL™ Luxe branded fiber is versatile, luxurious, essential, flexible and unique.

Versatility and flexibility can be reflected in the wide range of applications that TENCEL™ Luxe filaments support. What I enjoy the most about these wood-based fibers is how seamlessly they blend with other luxurious materials including silk, cashmere or wool, producing fabrics with diverse functionality.

Luxurious to the touch, TENCEL™ Luxe filaments are essential for meeting industry standards such as comfort and versatility. Here we have TENCEL ™ Luxe blended with micro Modal, which weaves into the most delicate and soft fabrics. At the same time, the fibers are excellent for yoga wear, underwear, as well as lounge wear with its stretchiness. Finally, when it comes to being unique, TENCEL™ Luxe filaments stands out from other existing materials with their special environmental benefits and all-round unique functionality.

Q: What do you think of the TENCEL ™ Luxe image?

Jos: I think TENCEL™ Luxe is a relatively young brand in the industry and consumers, but there is a lot of potential for it to win in the market. This is because TENCEL™ Luxe filaments offer the exact qualities that the industry is demanding right now – something sustainable and functional. I am also eager to see TENCEL™ Luxe putting out a print collection, which am sure will bring in new creative ideas to the industry.

We, as designers, never cease to stop looking for creative ways to bring our brands to life. Therefore, it is important for the TENCEL™ brand team to communicate and cooperate with more brands and designers and introduce them to more choices in raw materials, not only for the silky feel and natural origin, but also for the saturated and long-lasting color vibrancy. By partnering with like-minded brands, I believe the TENCEL™ Luxe brand will have a brilliant future.

Photo credit: Jos Berry


Stay tuned for the second part of this story, where we continue our conversation with Jos on industry trends and sustainability transformation in the fashion industry.

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