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05 / 03 / 2020
TENCEL™ Raising the Bar at Munich Fabric Start To Promote Eco-Fashion
05 / 03 / 2020
TENCEL™ Raising the Bar at Munich Fabric Start To Promote Eco-Fashion

In February 2020, leading fabric producers unite at Munich Fabric Start, one of the principal international textile trade shows. Setting the standard for innovation, the show plays host to an extensive range of collections from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories. With more than 20,000 visitors each season globally, buyers and designers for leading retailers and brands come together with key business, technology and fashion experts. For nine years, Lenzing has played an integral role in the fair, with many leading exhibitors already using Lenzing fiber in their collections.

This time, a special collaboration between TENCEL™ Denim, Jeanologia® and ENDRIME® took place at the KEYHOUSE, the center for innovation in textiles at the fair. This garment collection is the result of a unique project, the focus of which was to create a true workwear wardrobe based on fabrics made from TENCEL™ Denim fibers.

The TENCEL™ Denim Team and Jeanologia® Brainbox Team have worked in partnership on previous projects. Following their attendance at a Denim History lecture at Bluezone Munich Fabric Start, both teams were inspired to connect with the presenter to discuss the collaboration. Following a subsequent visit to husband and wife designers, Mohsin Sajid and Sadia Rafique from ENDRIME®, at their UK design studio, the “Hardwear” concept was born.

One of the highlights of Munich Fabric Start is the broad range of seminars and panel discussions on offer. Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development, Denim, at Lenzing, was part of two discussions. The first, led by Rivet 50 on “2020 Vision”, saw authorities in denim, forecast the future of business, technology and fashion from an innovation and sustainability perspective and discuss what the new decade will bring for denim fashion. The second talk “Hardwear: Mixing Tradition and Technology” covered the exciting collaboration between the TENCEL™ brand, Jeanologia® and Endrime®.

Munich Fabric Start is continuously seeking ways to raise standards in sustainability and innovation. The exhibition of project CirculART, an artistic project and call to action for the industry, curated and produced by Cittadellarte, was an exceptional example. Using artistic research to challenge the different processes involved within the textile production chain, four artists from the UK, Italy and Colombia worked closely with textile companies including Lenzing to investigate the entire textile supply chain. Inspired by circular economy, the resulting artworks sought to highlight the need for greater supply chain transparency. Thought-provoking and original, we can’t wait to meet with industry insiders again at next season’s Munich Fabric Start!

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