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06 / 07 / 2020
TENCEL™ collaborates with Design Knit, weaving innovation and sustainability into the fabric of fashion
06 / 07 / 2020
TENCEL™ collaborates with Design Knit, weaving innovation and sustainability into the fabric of fashion

Navigating the challenges of the first half of 2020 has led many businesses to adapt their way of working, but for the TENCEL™ brand, it has strengthened our commitment to driving sustainability for an eco-friendly future. As part of our dedication to protecting our planet, we are always excited to partner with like-minded fabric suppliers or supply chain partners who share the same vision and want to make a difference for the better. Our recent collaboration with Design Knit, weavers of eco-responsible fabric, is another great example of an inspiring brand who want to create consciously.

Founded in Los Angeles since 1986, Design Knit is dedicated to designing high-quality knit fabrics for contemporary, athleisure wear, sportswear, and loungewear. When crafting their fabric, exceptional quality, innovation and sustainability are always top of mind for the company.

To achieve their goals, Design Knit work closely with supply chain partners who also value sustainability without compromise to product quality, which is exactly why the TENCEL™ brand and Design Knit have built a strong partnership. Derived from sustainable wood sources, TENCEL™ branded fibers are produced environmentally with high efficiency and low environmental impact and the biodegradable fibers fully revert back to nature. Through our partnership, Design Knit can offer more eco-responsible fabrics to designers, thus positively transforming the textile industry.

Pat Tabassi, Product Development and Marketing Manager of Design Knit, said: “We always strive to look for innovative fabric solutions. This requires strong relationships and collaborations with our partners (such as Lenzing) as well as a deep desire to truly understand the importance of circularity. This is why REFIBRA™ technology was of particular interest to us. Upcycling cotton scraps from the garment manufacturing process and mixing them with wood pulp to produce new TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers is a great solution for reducing waste. It offers us the opportunity to create eco-responsible fabric options, while continuing to offer high quality, design-driven products.”

To further their efforts and armed with the knowledge that new designers often find it difficult to source quality knit fabrics locally, without high minimum quantity restrictions, Design Knit launched its STUDIO DK showroom last July. The showroom aims to offer eco-responsible fabrics to designers with flexibility on the quantity purchased making it easier for them to launch their collections.

At Lenzing, we know the negative impacts of the last few months have been challenging for many, but for nature, the restriction in human movement has seen a swift reduction in worldwide pollution emissions, and cleaner oceans. It seems that the planet is slowly recovering, and these encouraging changes motivate us to continue to put our best foot forward, staying committed to finding ways to create a more sustainable world. By partnering with more supply chain partners, like Design Knit, who share the same values, and with each other’s support, we will continue to strengthen the fashion community and nurture a more eco-friendly society.

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