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14 / 09 / 2020
Sustainability is a need not a trend: Flavia La Rocca on her latest TENCEL™ Luxe-based collection
14 / 09 / 2020
Sustainability is a need not a trend: Flavia La Rocca on her latest TENCEL™ Luxe-based collection

Award winning designer Flavia La Rocca is a true maverick. She is rethinking sustainable luxe garment design from its core with modular garments made from innovative blends of TENCEL™ Luxe branded filament yarns.

Her latest collection, “Modular Responsible Genderless” is an aptly named and revolutionary addition to eco-fashion. Her designs are composed of interchangeable modules which can be disassembled and reassembled, creating limitless design combinations. The garments are timeless, endless and effortlessly renewable. They are designed to last, not to be thrown away.

Flavia La Rocca

Flavia deeply understood Lenzing’s commitment to sustainability and as a result, the use of TENCEL™ Luxe filaments became the core of her designs. She first laid eyes on the filament during a visit to Lenzing’s headquarters in 2019, where she instantly fell in love with the smooth touch, and adored the texture and weight of the fabrics designed from it

This year, Flavia was invited to showcase her collection at the “Fashion For Good” Experience, the world’s first interactive museum dedicated to sustainable fashion innovations. The collection is displayed at the Amsterdam-based experience for six months and started in July.

Read the full interview below to learn more about her latest collection and how she is helping to create a sustainable fashion forward future.

Q: What are the inspirations behind your “Modular Responsible Genderless” collection?

Flavia: I want to create pieces that generate less impact on the planet. Pieces that are timeless and can be personalised. I dedicate my creations to the contemporaries who work, travel, study and move around the city and the world.

The collection is built on a modular concept, composed of interchangeable modules which are designed to be interpreted by the wearer to experience them in a mix of elegance and sensuality, without seasonality limits. Amongst all, the Green Mint look is my favorite. It is composed of a dress made with a crop top and a midi skirt and an overall made with a short sleeve top and a palazzo pants.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with TENCEL™ Luxe on the collection? What do you like the most about the brand?

Flavia: I chose to use TENCEL™ Luxe filaments after a visit to Lenzing’s headquarters last year. I had a good understanding of Lenzing and the company’s commitment to drive sustainability. When I returned to Italy, I met suppliers who already work with TENCEL™ Luxe filaments and the outcome of the fabrics were amazing.

I like the idea that it comes from nature and can goes back to nature which is completely in line with what I do. I like the natural touch and versatility of the fabrics made with it.

The first time I used TENCEL™ Luxe filaments was in a dress for the Green Carpet Talent Competition. I won the competition, and the rest is a love story with this filament yarn.

Q: How do you describe the role of TENCEL™ Luxe in your collection?

Flavia: I designed all the pieces around TENCEL™ Luxe filaments. It was my starting point. I find the company really open to my reality even as an emerging brand. Lenzing’s staff are always available and have helped me a lot.

“Modular Responsible Genderless” collection

Q: What is one thing you would change about the current fashion industry?

Flavia: That will surely be the practices in manufacturing. The current supply chain system does not enable companies to fully respect workers’ rights during production. That is inadmissible. Another problem is the use of non-recyclable polyester, which is so harmful for our oceans.

I hope every company takes into account of sustainability in terms of processes, materials and ethics of production. This is a need and not a trend.

Q: What led to your passion for driving sustainability in fashion and how do you react to the challenges in designing sustainable fashion?

Flavia: Sustainability is something I really believe in, from everyday life to the development of my brand. As a designer, I feel great responsibility of doing things that have less impact on the environment and that respects my employees.

I see challenges are ways to grow and move forward. When I started the business in 2013, there were few sustainable fabrics options, with few companies working on them and very few people talking about it. Now the concept of sustainability is much more visible, and as a designer that truly commits to the idea, I am as determined than ever to continue my ethos!

Q: How does your personal lifestyle reflect your belief in sustainability? Has being a mother changed or reinforced your belief to that?

Flavia: I believe we can all do a lot to trigger positive change. From home, paying attention to energy use, shopping for local producers, buying products free from plastic and excess packaging, and searching for more sustainable alternatives to the plastics around us. As consumers, paying attention to the composition of clothing and the corporate social responsibility measures of the brand.

Being a mother of two, I now have great responsibilities towards my children more than ever. Every choice I make will have an impact on their life.

Q: Is there a favorite quote related to fashion/lifestyle you could share with us?

Flavia: I always say, “I create clothes that lend themselves to the fashion game, in a responsible, dynamic, contemporary way.”

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