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14 / 11 / 2018
TENCEL™ Redefines the Concept of ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’ at the 2019 Spring-Summer Chinese International Fashion Week
14 / 11 / 2018
TENCEL™ Redefines the Concept of ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’ at the 2019 Spring-Summer Chinese International Fashion Week

As a long-term advocate of sustainability in the fashion industry, the Lenzing group participated in the 2019 Spring Summer Chinese International Fashion Week in Beijing in October this year. The fashion week began with a series of activities under the theme of "Limitless New Life", held at 751D Park Plaza in Beijing on 26th October.

Lenzing joined discussions around redefining sustainability in the fashion industry during the TENCEL™ “Integrating Nature and Technology" Forum. An immersive art installation on “Sustainable Living Space” with nine leading value chain partners was also featured onsite.

Defining New Concepts of Sustainability through “Integrating Nature and Technology"

At the TENCEL™ "Integrating Nature and Technology" Forum, Mr. Hu Jian, Senior Vice President of Lenzing took to the stage alongside Ms. Yan Yan, Director of the Office for Social Responsibility of China National Textile & Apparel Council, and Ms. Niu Ruixia, Director of C TEAM to discuss the need to integrate nature and technology and the importance of advancing of sustainable production methods.

Mr. Hu noted that technology facilitates human development and reforms the business world. He also warned about the impact of inaction, where the balance of the environment could be irrecoverably overthrown. According to Mr. Hu, Lenzing is committed to sustainability and selects naturally sourced fibers that are decomposable and technology that facilitates circularity, establishing a connection between technology and nature."

TENCEL™ Sustainable Living Space and “Limitless New Life” Spring-Summer Collection

The TENCEL™ brand was front-and-center at the Fashion Week. During the Fashion Week, Lenzing conducted TENCEL™ Sustainable Living Space installation was constructed by a team of 50 papercraft artists using recycled cardboard. The installation was created by Lenzing with nine partners across the fashion value chain including Les Enphants, Texwood, MEILLEUR MOMENT, Luthai Textile, Advance Demin, Matsui Tex, Charming Tex and Chinatex Corporation. The immersive space featured woodland and was filled papercrafts, which represented the peaceful coexistence of animals and mankind. Visitors to the installation could also see clothes made with TENCEL™ branded fibers, demonstrating the importance of balance between mankind and nature.

The TENCEL™ brand was also a key highlight of the grand finale of the 2019 Spring Summer Collection, where local designers incorporated fabrics made of TENCEL™ branded fibers in their collections, creating a fascinating culmination of the week’s events. The collaboration between TENCEL™ brand and local designers Chen Wen, Jiang Zhuojun, Ericka Hong and Yiyi Kwok redefined the concept of a “sustainable lifestyle” elevating the discussion of sustainability during Fashion Week.

Speaking after his show, well-known Jin Ding Awards designer Chen Wen explained the concept behind his new “Limitless New Life” collection, which attempted to present different styles using the woods as a backdrop, reflecting how the environment is an essential element of modern-day life. Commenting on the versatility of the fibers, Chen noted that TENCEL™ branded fibers used in the collection could be made into fabrics with a wide range of textures