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15 / 10 / 2019
TENCEL™ shed the spotlight on sustainability efforts at Munich Fabric Start
15 / 10 / 2019
TENCEL™ shed the spotlight on sustainability efforts at Munich Fabric Start

TENCEL™ recently participated in Germany’s Munich Fabric Start, one of the leading international textile trade shows that showcase a vast selection of fabric collections ranging from plain to haute couture fabrics and accessories. This is the 17th time Lenzing has participated in the event. The show attracts international buyers and designers from the most influential retailers and fashion brands. As a leader in fiber production, this event provided a great networking platform for TENCEL™ to increase its exposure among global fabric mills and allows for further collaboration opportunities with brands to reinforce better and more effective sustainable initiatives.

This year, the main focus for TENCEL™ was to promote the REFIBRA™ technology, a pioneering technology that involves upcycling cotton scraps and wood pulp to produce new virgin TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers for fabrics and garments. This project was also Lenzing’s first step in demonstrating its commitment to driving the circular economy in the textile industry. Lenzing continually has an active participant in the show, with spokespeople joining various discussions each year.

This time, the TENCEL™ team joined in a panel discussion named “SusTECHability – How Trends & Technology Influence Sustainability In Fashion”, which discussed the relationship between sustainable lifestyle, sustainable resources, circularity, big data and artificial intelligence. Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development, Denim, at Lenzing, shared her insights on how technology trends are evolving and directly impacting the sustainability movement within the fashion industry. Lenzing also joined in another panel discussion titled “How Art Changes The Fashion Supply Chain”, which talked about how a sustainable project was set up between the fashion supply chain and art culture.

To further promote sustainability, Lenzing also collaborated with United Nations (UN) Global Compact to launch the “ACT NOW” initiative which generated interest from brands by using UN Sustainable Development Goals as their foundation to address environmental initiatives. The initiative also served as a valuable platform for Lenzing to educate participants about the benefits TENCELTM Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology and which brands are already using them in their collections.

Lenzing also participated in other panels featuring discussions around the topics of circular economy, REFIBRA™ technology and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibers. With denim being one of the key highlights of the show, Lenzing also took part in the discussion of “Women In Denim” and showcased a “Carved in Blue” video series about “The Modern Definition of Denim” which received positive feedback from the attendees.

As it stands, industry stakeholders have made significant strides in promoting sustainability. However, with the constant evolution of society and fashion, it also requires continuous efforts to endorse changes. Lenzing is keen to work together with industry partners to drive the adaptation to eco-responsible practices and ensure an improved sustainable development within the textile and fashion industry.

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