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celebrating 30 years of sustainable style

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Since 1992 we have weaved the course of textile innovation

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Since 1992 we have weaved the course of textile innovation

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to create environmentally responsible fibers trusted by the world’s most loved brands

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to create environmentally responsible fibers trusted by the world’s most loved brands

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so you can feel good making the right choice for our planet today and the next 30 years to come

so you can feel good making the right choice for our planet today and the next 30 years to come

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feel good stories

Since 1992, our 30 years success stories could not have been made possible without a support of our like-minded partners. Hear what they have to say about their journey with TENCEL™.

feel good news

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The future of TENCEL™: from linear to circular

For the last 30 years, the TENCEL™ brand has been pioneering the innovation of the textile industry. What’s next for a better future? The answer lies in circularity, a core focus of the TENCEL™ brand.
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Making comfortable more sustainable

TENCEL™ has been working closely with innerwear brand Jockey for close to 15 years, helping to expand its growing eco-conscious segment and offer comfortable, sustainable and stylish undergarments for consumers to sleep, work and lounge in.
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Breaking the boundaries of sustainable denim

Learn about how TENCEL™ revolutionizes the denim sector, Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development Denim and Americas at Lenzing joined Adriano Goldschmied, President of The Genius Group for a discussion on the role TENCEL™ plays in the evolution of denim.
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Stepping into a greener future with our industry partners

From yarn spinners to manufacturers and retailers, TENCEL™’s active collaborations have developed into enduring partnerships, each centered around the goal of creating a more environmentally friendly future.
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Driving a carbon neutral textile industry in China

For many Chinese fashion and textiles brands, collaboration in the name of sustainability is nothing new. The TENCEL™ brand has shared a strong history with eco-friendly partners in China since the brand’s origins over 30 years ago.
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Making a difference in denim with TENCEL™

Enabling consumers to look good and feel good has always been in the DNA of the TENCEL™ brand. Over the last three decades, the growth of TENCEL™ has been fostered by an array of partnerships and collaborations over various steps of the supply chain.
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Creating a more sustainable textile industry with supply chain partners

TENCEL™’s strong network of partners span across the globe, with textile manufacturer Kobayashi Planning Co. Ltd in Japan, denim manufacturer Orta in Turkey, and spinning mill the Pallavaa Group in India. Together, they are striving towards creating a more sustainable future.
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Building a more sustainable future in denim

In the world of denim, Levi Strauss & Co. is a pioneer of the denim evolution, not only for design and aesthetics, but also for raw material usage and sustainable practices across the supply chain.
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Enabling the future of the textile Industry with TENCEL™

2022 marked the 30th anniversary of the TENCEL™ brand. Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG sat down with Florian Heubrandner, Vice President Global Textiles Business to share their vision for the TENCEL™ brand.
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Blending nature with denim

Sustainability has always been in the DNA of the TENCEL™ brand. Committed to ensuring consumers look good and feel good, TENCEL™ has been working closely with the fashion supply chain and brands around the world.
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Journey to TENCEL™’s carbon zero mission with the support of the brand’s strong industry network

For 30 years, the TENCEL™ brand has been committed to developing eco-fibers that are not only good for people but also the planet.
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Embarking into a new era of sustainability with TENCEL™

Following the repositioning of the TENCEL™ brand into a consumer-facing ingredient brand in 2018, the brand has evolved to become a household label of trust for partner brands and consumers who value the importance of sustainability and their individual impact on the planet.
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How this campaign echoes with consumers’ increased preference for sustainable fashion

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on consumer priorities leading various sectors, including the fashion and textile industries, to continue evolving to ensure their offerings and services meet their desire to make more sustainable purchase choices.
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TENCEL™ celebrates 30 years of sustainable fiber innovation

Lenzing’s flagship textile brand, TENCEL™, is celebrating three decades of sustainable fiber innovation this year. Since 1992, the TENCEL™ brand has empowered companies across the textile value chain to adopt more eco-friendly practices.
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TENCEL™ celebrates 30 years of strong partnerships

To embark on this special milestone, long-term partners of TENCEL™, Toyoshima, Pallavaa Group and Textile Santanderina, spoke about their collaboration journey with TENCEL™ and how the brand helped them to meet their sustainability goals along the way.
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Celebrating 30 years of forest-to-fabric innovation with TENCEL™

The forest has proven to be a powerful partner for the textile industry since the launch of Lenzing’s TENCEL™ brand 30 years ago. Adhering to stringent guidelines of sustainable forestry, the TENCEL™ brand has continued to explore the power of the forest, innovating the utilization of wood to create sustainable fibers that are good for people and the planet.

Meet some of our other global partners creating amazing products using TENCEL™ feel good fibers.

made to feel good

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True Carbon Zero for a feel good future

Feel good knowing our fibers are certified as carbon neutral and made with renewable energy, resulting in far less carbon emissions for the planet.

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Bringing nature and fashion together through innovation

Since our journey began in 1992, TENCEL™ has marked its way with numerous pioneering innovations and initiatives, bringing the industry together towards a feel good future.

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Upcycling materials in a feel good loop

Transforming waste into wonder, our REFIBRA™ technology contributes to the circular textile economy by upcycling cotton scraps into new TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers.

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Endlessly Natural for feel good fashion

Made from renewable wood sources, our fibers come from nature and can go back to nature, so you can enjoy endless feel good fashion.

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Join the celebrations, follow, share and be inspired by our growing feel good community- all working together for the future or our planet.

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