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10 / 10 / 2023
Lenzing and Kentaur to develop circular workwear for the culinary sector
10 / 10 / 2023
Lenzing and Kentaur to develop circular workwear for the culinary sector
  • Centered around circularity, the pilot collection features chef uniforms comprising 50% of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology[1] and 50% of recycled polyester
  • The partnership underscores Lenzing and Kentaur’s commitment in accelerating the development of a circular model for the functional workwear sector
  • The new collection will be showcased at the A+A trade fair, October 24–27, 2023

Lenzing – Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, has collaborated with Denmark-based Kentaur, a global specialist in the manufacturing of innovative and functional workwear, to develop a pilot collection of chef uniforms centered around circularity, durability, and functionality. Aimed at reducing the usage of virgin raw materials in the workwear segment without reducing quality and comfort, the chef uniforms comprise 50% of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology and 50% of recycled polyester.

“Our extended partnership with Kentaur marks a significant milestone in our efforts to transform the textile industry, including the workwear sector, into a circular model,” said Alexandra Steger, Business Development Workwear, Lenzing AG. “The pilot collection of chef uniforms with Kentaur is a great example of Lenzing’s circular solutions that combine circularity with functionality. The collection is not only made with quality fabrics of recycled materials which are the same high quality as virgin raw materials, but it comes with the added value of giving textile waste a second life. We are confident that the comfort and quality of the recycled materials in TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology will also spread into other types of workwear, like healthcare and hospitality sectors.”

Unwavering commitment to circularity and durability in workwear

“At Kentaur, we aim to make workwear with a focus on sustainability available for everyone in the textile service industry. When customers buy from us, they can expect our products to be of high durability and are produced using a socially and environmentally responsible approach. Our partnership with Lenzing started in 2018 based on our shared value and mission to drive the circular transition of the workwear industry. Our latest collaboration in incorporating recycled cellulosic materials made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology represents a key milestone in driving circularity for workwear as we demonstrate that using recycled content does not compromise on performance of the product,” said Christian Beirholm, Chief Commercial Officer, Kentaur.

With a combination of 50% of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology and 50% of recycled polyester, Kentaur’s new pilot collection delivers unparalleled durability and comfort for workwear – with the added benefits of circularity and traceability. TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers have a better footprint than generic lyocell fibers[2] and Lenzing’s REFIBRA™ technology further reduces the impact of the workwear product with the incorporation of recycled content. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™ technology are identifiable in yarns, fabrics, and final garments using Lenzing’s innovative Fiber Identification technology, which facilitates fiber traceability and enhances supply chain transparency at every stage of the production process.

Collaborative efforts to accelerate transition to a circular economy

With Lenzing’s ongoing efforts towards placing responsible practices at the heart of the industry, the collaboration on the chef uniforms showcases the commitment of Lenzing and Kentaur towards workwear circularity.

Kentaur has ambitions to take responsibility and play an active role in the circular transition of the textile and workwear segments. By taking a holistic approach on sustainability, Kentaur has set clear goals and ambitions in tackling social and environmental challenges of the supply chain and is committed to living up to that promise in their everyday business operation, product, and supply chain. The partnership with Lenzing has been valuable in enabling Kentaur to produce high quality and circular textile products which is a crucial part of their journey in driving the circular transition of the workwear segment.

At the upcoming A+A trade fair, October 24–27, 2023, Lenzing will be showcasing its latest portfolio of protective wear and workwear, including the new pilot collection of chef uniforms through the partnership with Kentaur.

Images related to the announcement can be downloaded from here.


[1] The pioneering REFIBRA™ technology involves upcycling cotton scraps from garment production. These cotton scraps are transformed into cotton pulp. A substantial proportion – up to one third – of this is added to wood pulp, and the combined raw material is transformed to produce new virgin TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers to make fabrics and garments.

[2] Results based on LCA standards (ISO 14040/44) and available via Higg MSI (Version 3.4)

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