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13 / 07 / 2021
Lenzing fabric detectives in action
13 / 07 / 2021
Lenzing fabric detectives in action

Did you know that the Lenzing Certification team checks hundreds of fabric samples per week? Whether knitted, woven, plain, colored, basic or extraordinary constructions, fabrics for countless uses find their way to Lenzing.

​​​​​​​​Fabric manufacturers from all over the world apply for fabric certifications via the Lenzing E-Branding Service and send fabric samples to one of four Lenzing laboratories for checking. The certification verifies that the fabric contains Lenzing fibers and meets Lenzing’s defined standards. Successful fabric certification is the basis for Lenzing’s brands to be advertised on the textile end product. This labeling enables end consumers looking for sustainable materials to make a conscious purchase decision.​

Certification experts in Lenzing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Coimbatore take care of the fabric certifications. They advise customers of the Lenzing E-Branding Service, process certification applications, review the supply chain information provided and check the materials sent in by our fabric partners. Thousands of fabrics have already been successfully certified in 2021. These fabrics comes from different countries around the world such as China, India, Portugal and Spain among others. We receive fabrics of any construction in many colors and patterns, but also socks, carpet samples, towels, quilts, textile materials for shoes and much more.

Once the fabrics have arrived in the test laboratory, several tests are carried out on the fabrics using special equipment to see whether the fabric can withstand the usual requirements later in the garment. Moreover, checks are performed to verify whether Lenzing fibers are used in the fabric. A finished textile can be labeled with TENCEL™ or LENZING™ ECOVERO™ if it meets the required Lenzing fiber content threshold in order for the fabric to obtain a Certification.​ If a fabric does not meet Lenzing’s Certification standards, Lenzing’s internal experts provide technical support to the customer to improve the fabric for future applications.

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