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06 / 04 / 2021
Dr. Linen range of sustainable bed & bath linen, made using TENCEL™ branded fibers, to address hygiene & comfort needs of M.E. hospitality industry
06 / 04 / 2021
Dr. Linen range of sustainable bed & bath linen, made using TENCEL™ branded fibers, to address hygiene & comfort needs of M.E. hospitality industry

Launched by Dubai-based Rent-A-Towel, Dr. Linen™ is a premium alternative to the standard 100% cotton based linen traditionally used by commercial real estate. Powered by TENCEL™ branded fibers , which are derived and harvested from sustainable and certified wood source, , the range addresses the hospitality industry’s heightened need for balancing hygiene, durability & ROI post pandemic

Dubai, April 06, 2021: Rent-A-Towel, a Dubai-based linen rental concept for the hospitality industry, has announced the launch of Dr. LinenTM, its premium, eco-friendly, unfavourable for bacterial growth, and comfort-driven range of bed & bath linen. The Dr. Linen™ range has been developed to specifically address the growing needs of the hospitality industry as they reopen for business in the new normal, with a focus on balancing hygiene, comfort, durability, & ROI, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Developed using TENCEL™ branded fibers that are sustainably manufactured using an award winning closed loop production process and are unfavourable for bacterial growth, the Dr. Linen™ range increases product durability even over repeated use while retaining the bacterial disfavouring features, unlike a standard chemical coating-based protection.

With its existing unique model of linen rental services, Rent-A-Towel is a globally established name in the commercial linen rental business, with wide know-how of hospitality industry needs and an extensive client network. Their partnership with another global heavyweight in the fibre industry from Austria, Lenzing’s TENCEL™ fiber, is aimed at offering a world-class linen product for the new normal, leveraging the strengths of both the brands. Dr. Linen™ products will be available to hotels, hotel apartments, hospitals, spas, beach clubs, golf clubs, fitness centres, and other commercial hospitality establishments in the UAE, and the wider region.

Narayanan Raghavan, CEO at Dr. Linen™ & Rent-A-Towel, believes the timing for the launch is ideal, given the relevance of the product range for hospitality operations in the new normal and to address the huge linen requirement for the new hotel projects getting launched in Dubai for the World Expo. “Increased guests expectation in terms of hygiene, reduced budgets to operate the hotel & general ROI concerns owning to the pandemic lockdowns, as well as stricter hygiene compliance requirement from Government authorities are some of the challenges we are seeing the industry face on a daily basis. Coupled with this is a growing demand for visible sustainability measures, without compromising on customer comfort or experience. Dr. Linen™ delivers on all counts”, says Raghavan.

As a first-of-its kind product, Dr. Linen™, by blending with TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, offers a host of benefits for commercial linen usage in the post-pandemic era. From reducing environmental impact compared to conventional products like cotton, to better performance, aesthetics and comfort, the range is a winner for the hospitality industry’s varying needs. “Today consumers want to be sure their purchases will not harm the environment – while they also seek style and comfort”, says Avinash Mane, Commercial Head for Lenzing fibers in South Asia & Middle East. “TENCEL™ fibers are unfavourable for bacterial growth, due to their unique moisture management capability where moisture evaporates quicker than standard cotton, keeping linen dry and hygienic, while retaining comfort & softness, even after multiple washes. To add to these benefits, the product helps reduce water usage and saves the environment. From their botanic origin, to the low environmental impact of production, to saving energy during processing, to eventual biodegradability on disposal, TENCEL™ fibers exemplify sustainability in the textile industry ”, he adds.

Hotels & commercial hospitality centres can also further save operational costs by outsourcing non-core activities like Linen Management to a model like Rent-A-Towel, while still being assured of the best in hygiene and durability, with premium products like Dr. Linen™. This model helps hoteliers to avoid CAPEX need to purchase the Linen during this market condition.

Talking about the partnership, Avinash from Lenzing A.G. adds, “We are very happy and excited about this partnership and certain that we can address the growing needs of the Middle East hospitality market. We also appreciate the vision, commitment and efficiency of the Dr. Linen™ team as well as their end-to-end production capabilities, from spinning and weaving, to processing and finishing”.

The production of the range is already underway and range will be available for commercial use within the next two months. “Dr. Linen™ range of sustainable & microbial-resistant bed and bath linen has been designed as a solution for hospitality businesses looking to simplify operations, reduce operating costs, while renewing customer confidence, and enhancing their user experience”, concludes Raghavan.

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